About Us

Stax ICF Ltd was set up with the aim of improving existing construction methods to bring them in line with 21st century technology. We are a 100% Irish Owned Company centrally located and work all over Ireland. We work hand in hand with one of Irelands largest ICF manufacturers, Altherm ICF Ltd. This enables Stax ICF Ltd to provide a complete ICF Package from rising walls to Wall Plate Level. This allows us to offer a stress free solution to all your external wall requirements and achieving our goal of the Evolution of Construction.

At Altherm, their focus has always been on the production of high quality ICF (Insulated Concrete Formwork) products that will enable you, our customer to both stay compliant and deliver better building programmes.

Since 2017, their purpose-built facility in Santry, Dublin has been producing ICF to the highest standards. Deploying a best in-class system in tandem with optimised production, they have a proven capacity for instant supply to small and large scale housing and apartment developments.

With an industry focus on compliance and optimizing busy construction programmes, the team at Altherm has developed and fine-tuned a building methodology designed to ensure compliance and maximize efficiency.

As a construction method developed in Germany in the 1950s, building homes using ICF (insulated concrete forms) as an alternative to bricks or blocks offers many benefits.